“The Sand Path Poem” by Lauren Johnson

“The Sand Path Poem” by Lauren Johnson

And I was traveling lightly, barefoot
descending the rocky terrain
just before the forest entrance,
where the dirt turns to sand

At the hills’ end I stand
and breathe
and breathe
and inhale the air down here,
knowing the hour set before seven
was the cut-off
when unfortunate deer exhale
for the last time

Empty, save for the few jogging
this space condensed by foliage
and trees old enough to whisper
forgotten language
seldom broken by silence;
any noise a form of music,
a tree—split by lightning,
a form of art

If you slide down the bank
littered with vines and roots
you’ll enter
my local Eden,
each private moment replicates
in light that dances
on the surface of the creek

Focus, and you’ll inhale peace—
distraction is welcomed here,
make sure to get lost
and step on to the bank
letting go your intentions
to drown

And when the sun sets,
turning grey rocks copper
and the sand 
turns to glass,
it’s time to go.



Lauren Johnson, a writer and lover of all poetry, is from Silver Spring, MD. She began writing poems, songs and works for musical theater at the age of eight. She is currently studying English Literature and Creative Writing at Hofstra University, where has been inspired to follow her dreams by the best professors (Henton, Kaplan and Levin), and plans on making them and her friends and family proud.