Issue 1 - Alumni
Description of an Evening

Description of an Evening

I heard myself proclaimed next to the notion
of the ship departing. Here we understand
nothing but the future of our personas: wrap
the scarf around the box you found in Estonia.
Take it to the depot for mending. Flags are
descending on daybreak, and as you speak
you imitate the windowpane. You, a simple
soldier hailing hills down the line of absolute
remorse. Not one wink falls short of the smallest
thank you. Take me to the end of the video.
Introduce me to the end of your city, your city
of spectacles lingering in remote corners. Take
me from your heart and place me at the end.
Your consciousness, too, has limits.
Let me envision you there with bells.

Alina Gregorian is the author of Flying Bark and the chapbooks Navigational Clouds (Monk Books, 2015) and Flags for Adjectives (DIEZ, 2015). She curates Triptych Readings, runs a video poetry series on the Huffington Post, and lives in Brooklyn. She graduated from Hofstra University in 2006.