Issue 1 - Alumni
From Desire/Hero

From Desire/Hero

sometimes I spend hours
as someone new

I escape
the victory of being

I make an offering to the Hudson
two pale hands around a bagel
aimed at the sky


today I am feeling
like the weather
is just for me

the sunlight and ancient flowers
blooming along rented fences

I trace my rage in the air
with a finger and I understand
this is what its like
to have a say


sometimes I cannot agree

that I am a woman
anymore than they are people
just trying to get by
on the highs of caffeine

I look at my hands
I look into the brim of my shirt
for assurance of the mystery

for the confidence
of a witness to the self

maybe the root of it
interests me the most:

a face looking back at a face


these days I am content
with my rage

…but the loss of ambush

you just can’t surprise
anyone anymore


you are looking
at an attempted victor

one who wins unintentionally

but my ancestors get it
apologize through me

their ancient sun

Christie Ann Reynolds is the author of Revenge for Revenge (Coconut Books), Texts from my Mom (Big Lucks), Revenge Poems (Supermachine), and idiot heart (New School). She graduated from Hofstra University in 2005 with a BA in English and minors in Fine Arts and Anthropology. Christie Ann lives in Brooklyn Heights and teaches middle-school writing and science.