Issue 1 - Alumni
Gulf Sunset

Gulf Sunset

– For Ashley

In my dreams there is an endless shoreline

and clear water. Shells amass
up to the mangroves. Moonlight cascades

through clouds and adumbrates
a drum circle forming along the tide

as people pound flat the trees and brush
crowding the sand. In Florida

the winter is a cool morning
and clogged roadways. Snowbirds

come to see the manatees and think
of themselves: grey, calm, drifting

within a fluid net that binds them
to their neighbors. Gulls and pelicans

comb the surface as they have for hours,
sometimes falling, sometimes coming back up.

Born and raised on Long Island, Nolan Meditz is a Hofstra graduate with an MFA in Creative Writing (May 2014) and a BA in English (December 2010). He is currently pursuing a PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.