Issue 1 - Alumni
“When the Clouds Dream…”

“When the Clouds Dream…”

When the clouds dream the flowers in the window boxes begin to tunefully bark. The children become snowflakes, fluttering in the wind from the valley where marionettes hang from the trees like raggedy old raincoats caught in spiders’ webs. But who doesn’t love a play, and so we all gather around to watch. It is a grade school reenactment of the biblical creation story, Adam and Eve blowing chaste kisses across the bower, the serpent wrapped around her neck like a sleek feather boa licking her ear clean. Until the part when Eve silently slips the apple under Adam’s tongue, and the Seraph drops from the canopy with its flaming sword to cut the marionette strings. Then we all fall down and return to what we truly are: caricatures in sculpted wax slowly melting in the sun

Marta López Luaces

Justin Hollis

Justin Hollis is a professor of English and Composition at Palm Beach State College in Boca Raton, Florida. He attended the MFA program in poetry at Hofstra University from 2011-2013. His focus is on the surrealist narrative and the potential of the prose poem form.