Issue 1
A Night in the Pharmacy

A Night in the Pharmacy

– For Miltos Sachtouris

At night in the pharmacy
a blue plastic bathtub
full of cough syrup and
glow-in-the dark fish,
an anvil,
a bag of wax apples
mocking the allergy
pills, cigarette butts
in an Easter basket,
50% off,
tangerine soda by the case-full,
a clown who wandered in
weeks ago and can’t find
the exit, fingering the children’s
aspirin, calling random numbers
on his cell phone.
Outside, a red moon
with its face
pressed against the glass.

William Glenn is the author of A Brief Guide to American Poetry (Premier Poets Chapbook Series, 2005) and was co-founding editor of the bilingual literary/cultural journal Terra Incognita. He currently serves as Head of Reference Services at the University of Texas at San Antonio.