Issue 1
Funeral Guests

Funeral Guests

The daughter stands
in the driveway on newly-long legs
and eats cookies.

From parked cars, they see
her, they compose
words, expressions, clothing.

I’m so sorry, one says, then notices
the quelled face, the casual limbs.
How are you all holding up?

Through a mouthful of crumbs,
dryly: Hungry. I hope 
your condolences are edible.

Arden Levine is a D.C.-born Brooklynite, a consultant to nonprofit organizations, and a reader for Epiphany.  In 2015, her poems appeared or are forthcoming in AGNI, Rattle, Bodega Magazine, The Delmarva Review, Free State Review, and Tinderbox Poetry Journal. Arden holds a Masters of Public Administration from New York University.