Issue 1


young bear lopes
along the bottom of our field
bobbing galloping galumphing

gains the scrub brush
sits up straight
completely still
snout pointed west

disappears into the woods
to do what all day?

rake berries into his mouth
hunt for chipmunks
down to the stream for
a dip and a fish

little eyes stare
into the sun
over the far hillside
moisture drips from his muzzle

someone has to study this

and what do I do all day?
stuff lunch in my mouth
get up
visit the bathroom

turn around in my own space
bother my head foraging through words
for words

someone has to study this

Peter Schneider is a poet and psychotherapist who divides his time between Brooklyn, NY, and Rochester, VT. His poems have appeared in The Buddhist poetry review, MobiusA Journal of Social Change and A Midnight Snack.