Issue 1
The Ambulance

The Ambulance

The ambulance for poets
is parked on my street.
Blue tires, green
windows stinking of
algae, black doors.
A blood-orange rose
blooming out of the
tail pipe. The siren emits
a low, puzzled moan,
and shards of icy light.
The side-view mirrors
are made of steam,
the windshield of
dreams woven together
with whispers and water.
When I look inside,
there is no driver,
only smoke and the small
lightning of regret.
Don’t go in the ambulance.
They perform their surgeries drunk
and with the wrong instruments.

William Glenn is the author of A Brief Guide to American Poetry (Premier Poets Chapbook Series, 2005) and was co-founding editor of the bilingual literary/cultural journal Terra Incognita. He currently serves as Head of Reference Services at the University of Texas at San Antonio.