Issue 1
The Secrets Garden

The Secrets Garden

Holding secrets, holding back holding onto secret holding: concealed weapons are permitted in this state and this family’s understatements. As for the undergarments, well, that’s a different poem, OK? You’ll get applauded not arrested for dealing drugs to schoolchildren as long as your pharmacopoeia consists of sleep-inducing half truths. No big deal, that sort of big hearted dealer. Let them keep playing hopscotch and staying within the boxes. His heart was too big anyway, and also too big with love of her, its functions deteriorating from anxiety that he would die young and leave her to be raised by her skipping mother-child—too big for him to tell her about his heart before she saw his box. When the dinner table is unset and unsettled by the unsaid, turn the blades of knives away from you, spoon out the usual pablum, and speak with forked tongues.

Jim Daniels

Heather Dubrow

Heather Dubrow is the author of Forms and Hollows (Cherry Grove Press) and of a play produced by a community theater. The journals where her work has appeared include Prairie Schooner, Southern Review, Virginia Quarterly Review, and Yale Review. She directs the Poets Out Loud reading series at Fordham University, where she is the John D. Boyd, SJ, Chair in the Poetic Imagination.