Issue 2
a voice from out of the blue or I may have made this up [again]

a voice from out of the blue or I may have made this up [again]

the earth quaked
yesterday in the Bay Area
as manatees and sea turtles huddled
in the southeast as never before seen
cold, chilling as tundras
beginning their descent
into meltwater jettisons,
seized a tropical paradise

and what of the great MisiZiibi
will it die along with most of its fish?

a voice from out of the blue…

but that’s all
blim blam flim flam
oh Ms. hoity-toity
you can’t believe
anything you hear
about anything
to do with weather
or anything about
anything at all
for that matter

boy looks up at the ball ring
while rulers stare down
from the stands
he’s watching them
watching him
the game
he bumps with purpled hips
as he slips and shifts the ball
his destiny
the crowd prays loudly
for the winners and losers
thinking of that saying about
how losing you win
here winning, you lose too

flamboyant tree
seeding the wind sounds
roots the sticky threads
that bind us

chipped or stained
or waylaid
imperfectly perfect those
mistakes right themselves
in the river of spirit lines

old gardens look better from afar
their newly fallen pods percolate
with promise of new life
there are so many hues
from brown the color
of roasted coffee beans
to terracotta the copper
color of your skin

we refuse to be ant food
we rattle and shake
make the sign
of protection
of the four directions
imbed it skin deep
while thinking
O Anthros
O linguistic mystics
you still trying to decipher
the wind?

relinchan pero
siempre son cerebros
hinchados, la mayoría

pay with a coin toss
from the 1960’s
it’s just hitting
ground now
just hours ago.