Issue 2
Doubly Blinded

Doubly Blinded

Lost in a million ways
the mind devolves into
a doubly bonded light stream
digesting reason and moment.

I walk off the edge
letting go of habit
letting the body go limp
This is all I can do

When body is on fire
I quickly fight it.
I am not obsessed
with what urges combustion
for both body and fire
are mutating beyond control

Now is always useful
I simply blink my eyes
and shake my head in order
to see what is really out there

This is how difficult it is to see:

Sun shoots out threads
Man captures something
Body is now fire
I must put out its flames
I am working up to it
I am waking myself up
I am working myself…
Oh, look at that!
Look at what?
Look at that thing
And I look at that thing
and become lost in newer ways
Flames in the breast wobble
The one tooth I have left hurts
The little wisdom left in my grasp
is being gobbled up by the fire that gives it form
I am being urged to go limp

A short while ago
the Masons of the world
forgot how to build an arch.
My son wishes to be a mason.
I am not quite sure that he will not
suffer periods when he forgets himself

Still, fire is good when captured
It is best though when it captures itself