Issue 2
Semitone Piecing

Semitone Piecing

a bit of human asks what it is—
a noun like a line— palpable and invisible escaping
lines of separation— across a folded strip set in half— a half
a verb when we border
what you cut— and cut through two layers and—
to produce at once— just once
a person-halved-or is it a displaced-thing— a refugee in
alternating directions—

where are the lines— cuts in any orientation
by rotary ruler that cuts the human
at its border that asks— what is a border
and we— are we conjugated in-or-out-of-it or-are-we-on-it

how to piece reversible segments— how to
unpiece pieces into compartments—
moments of displaced— of interiors collected to human lines
interiorized and cleansed— hidden stitches we make border

till each border stretches to the touch— stretches
till the edges cling to the body and move the human
in bits— prismatic semitones— a perversion in the human manifest
permitting borders— faceless as an obscured stitch