Issue 2
There are No Answers to Black that Matter

There are No Answers to Black that Matter

If all lives matter, do they include Black ones?
Why does the sky turn black when a mother cries?
Why are my child’s eyes the color of black mesquite ash?
Does her room have to be completely black so that she can sleep?
Why are there no roses the true color of obsidian?
Is black, or hues closest to it, the color of fear?
What would it take to completely embrace the black of Mother Earths womb?
Is the road from here to the Spirit World paved in the black of all that’s gone before me?
Is the hole we buried you in darker than black?
Was the horse that shining prince road in on black?
Is a black hole a door?
Are all planets born out of blackness?
Are all hawk’s eyes jet black?
Is the glue of the universe black?
Are black snakes the ones who know how to speak?
Is black the true color of magic?
Does smoke know that black is its true color?
Didn’t black birth light?
Are black birds the ones she rides on in her dreams?
Did her mother call her Negra because she became burnt caramel-colored from the sun?
Are lagrimas negras the only genuine tears?