Issue 3


Another dog will get a reward, chew splinters
of bone.

Another girl will get hit in the nose—nothing serious—
stars on impact. Another.

So much to chew. To hit. At the murdered boy’s funeral
a shining baby sucks his own sweet toes—

Time is not finished with children
gunned down.

So much to escape. To fight—. Buried
children like nuclear waste

Crackling under our fields, half-lives
leaking. To leak. To spill. In this country,

Another country. In our ideas, hidden tyranny
of a single idea:

Erase complexity. Pull down each
obdurate thing, small.

Because a lie
is easier

At least, at first. Another lie.
Another. Like the ones we live by _________.

Lee Briccetti is the long-time executive director of Poets House, a national poetry library in lower Manhattan. Her second book of poetry is Blue Guide (Four Way Books, 2018). She is a recipient of poetry fellowships from the New York Foundation for the Arts as well as the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown.