Issue 3


We’ve become ghosts, as all matters resolve
No one said it would hurt so to stop burning
We drift through each other, pure air, unsolved
Filtered by sunlight, immune to the globe’s turns
Maybe it’s our age, the poisoned oceans
Belief our thirst will never be quenched
That allow for these cruelties and inaction
When our courage should be unflinching
If to be older is to be wiser
Why is history littered with fools?
Now, brilliance emanates from devices
That trumpet beheadings, and schoolgirls
Vanish into Earth’s atmosphere


JoAnne McFarland is a Brooklyn poet, painter, and curator. Her sonnet ‘Passion’ appears in her collection Identifying the Body just published by The Word Works: McFarland’s artwork is part of many private and public collections including the Library of Congress, the Columbus Museum of Art, and Dynegy Inc. She is the former Exhibitions Director of A.I.R.Gallery, the first artist-run gallery in the United States specifically for women artists. For additional information visit her website: