Issue 4
Two Poems

Two Poems


Las personas envidian nuestro abraso
son piedras
se amontonan igual que las hormigas
crean murmullos
nos separan.
Cómo ser agua para evaporarme
ser llovizna y caer en la palma de tu mano?
Soy la que busca tu aliento distraída
y se aleja con las voces del mundo
—nos rodean sus balbuceos
hilvanan historias de arquetipos
y no soy la princesa de los cuentos
ni tu el príncipe de espadas
poco a poco se transforman
son serpientes invaden
inician la muralla del destierro.



People who flood our fire
are stones that
pile up like ants
create murmurs
and separate us.
How can I be water to escape
be a drizzle, and fall into the palm of your hand?
Distracted, I’m the one who seeks your breath
and walks away with the voices of the world.
—their babbles surround us
they weave stories of archetypes
and I’m not a princess in a fairy tale
nor are you a prince with a sword
we listen—
little by little they turn
into snakes who invade
and start the wall of exile.



tu voz
se confunde
con el fuego para quemar las sombras
roba al silencio
con la copa de anís y un cigarro
el suspiro prohibido.



your voice
melts into
the fire that burns the shadows
and steals the silence
with a glass of anisette and a cigarette
the forbidden sigh.

Isolda Dosamantes was born in 1969 in Tlaxcala, Mexico, where she lives with her husband and their son. She is the author of several collection of poetry, including Paisaje sobre la seda (2008), Apuntes de viaje (2012), and Después del hambre (2017). English translations of her poems have appeared in various journals, including Aji MagazineThe Bitter OleanderGyaraInternational Poetry Review, and PANK. Isolda blogs at Miradas del tiempo.  Translator Toshiya Kamei holds an MFA in Literary Translation from the University of Arkansas. He is the translator of books by Claudia Apablaza, Liliana Blum, Carlos Bortoni, Selfa Chew, Espido Freire, and Leticia Luna.