Issue 5
Two Poems

Two Poems

Celery Chance 


You dreamed of oranges 

in a bowl with ice, eels, 

a 1928 copy of Seven Keys 

to Baldpate. This meant, 

you surmised, that you were 

asleep, which would cut 

into your ability to watch 

a movie whose title starts 

with each letter of the alphabet 

in a single day. You closed 

the blinds, ignored the barnacled 

castle with the seven 

doors on the other side. 






two sand dollars 

nicked, abraded 

by fish, currents, 

the tongues of sharks 

washed up 

on the same beach 

and as the wave 

deposited them 

on the sand 

the notches 

in their shells 

found each other,